Samsung Will Spend $3.6 Billion On New OLED Display

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Samsung Display will spend $3.6 billion on a new OLED production line


Samsung produces various products in the large variety. Most of these products are for their own use like they create the display to use it in their smartphones or TVs. Now Samsung display have planned to create a new OLED display production line in which they will invest $3.6 billion.

The new OLED production line includes medium and small sized screens mostly. The new display panels will be for their own consumer devices. In the new production line, curved displays will be the first one to roll into works which were previously found on Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. According to confirmed details, curved display is expected to come with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge too. This is the reason curved display will be the first to roll into new OLED production line.

The large amount of investment in the new display panel production is also planned for their sales to boost it. Samsung also wants to counter up their declining profits numbers in the smartphone business. Samsung will spend the investment for their new OLED production line between 2015 and 2017.

Samsung is also expected building a new 15.6 trillion won chip plant in South Korea, which construction works to be completed in the second half of 2017. This is a great move by Samsung which will increase their sales and production. Samsung also supplies chips to other companies, due to which a new chip plant is building to expand the sales.

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