Samsung Galaxy Note 4 New Tips And Tricks

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 New Tips And Tricks

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a high-end beast flagship released by Samsung electronics. It is the most powerful phablet released in the market. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have a lot of great and awesome features. The major one is the S-Pen which comes with an enhanced performance and compatibility as compared to previous Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have a premium feel due to its build materials, the back cover is some sort of soft leather type which helps in holding and don’t slip.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with advanced hardware which gives the high-end performance to user. It comes with a 3 GB LPDDR3 RAM which can do real-time multitasking and much more. The CPU is powered by Qualcomm boosted up to 2.7 GHz Quad Core. It also have some other models based on market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is packed with a 5.7” Quad HD AMOLED Display which gives resolution of 1440 x 2560 and 515 pixels per in density (ppi). This QHD display have vibrant and rich colors for viewing the content.




Tips / Tricks:


Turn On Your Motion Gestures:

As we all know Samsung is very good for adding new features in their smartphones / tablets. The motion gestures are the most amazing features in Galaxy smartphones. Turn On your motion gestures to enable:

  • Direct Call
  • Smart Alert
  • Hovering
  • Swipe taking Screenshot
  • Smart Pause
  • And much more

These gestures will make ease in using your device. You will enjoy it too.



Turn On Your S-Health:

S-Health is the amazing service provided by Samsung, this S-Health app is packed with bundle of features. Turn on the service, you will be up to date of your health and diet. This app will help you to control your diet, heart rate monitoring, exercise tracking, daily workout and much more. This will save all of your health record on daily basis for you what to do next.



Turn On One Handed Operation Mode:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have a 5.7” QHD Display and other than the device size is far bigger, some people use it with both hands while some use it with one hand. Most of people have problems using it with one hand and yet the device is big which is not capable for one hand. So now turn on your One Handed Operation Mode this will make all the important tools enable to use it with one hand. Go to Settings > Display & Wallpaper > One Handed Operation



Turn On Finger Print Scanner:

Well Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is also packed with an amazing feature,  the Finger Print Scanner. Now you get tired of giving PIN or pattern lock in your smartphone that takes time to unlock your device. Here Finger Print scanner makes this easy, Go to Settings > Finger Print Scanner and Save your thumb. Now you will be able to unlock your device with your thumb by just hovering instead of giving pass code. You can also do payments on certain stores / services like PayPal.



Turn On Ultra Power Saving Mode:

Now the people are so connected to the internet life, thus it needs the power to run your smartphone. So you are using your smartphone too much and some time you have no place to charge your device, also the phone is left only with 20% charge. You need to use it more, now just Turn on Your Ultra Power Saving mode for Settings, this will make your 20% to work for more 24 hrs. It reduces the phone CPU, RAM and other hardware usage to use it for more time.



Turn On Car Mode:

Car mode is a built-in app in Samsung Galaxy Note 4 used while driving. This will enable your device’s UI into some simple big size icons but the most important ones. Your device will be connected with car via Bluetooth. All you will have quick access to your device certain services like playing music, getting directions, Calling someone and messaging. You will be able to use it by just simply saying “Hi Galaxy” then give commands.



Boost The Performance:

While using any smartphone i.e. opening applications, swiping around etc. You will notice an animation and takes some short time to finish. Thus some users want fast work to happen. If you want to boost the performance of the device here is it. Go to Settings > Developer Options > Animations (Turn Off all the animations). Go To Settings > Application Manager > Running Now close all the apps which are not used (Not the system apps). Now this will boost your device performance while using.



Turn On Blocking Mode:

Blocking mode is a feature through which you can make your device not to disturb you. Most of people don’t want to see such notifications from device i.e. from social apps or other games etc. Those users who don’t want some calls to be on their screen so this is the solution. Go to Settings > Personalization > Blocking Mode, now there you will specify what you don’t want to be on your screen.



Turn On Spam Filter:

Spam filter is another useful features in Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Most of times we receive unwanted messages from our SIM operators or unwanted calls from people, so spam filter will block all those unwanted calls, SMS etc. This will also enable us to mark some phrases, words or characters as spam so won’t be seen in messages any more.


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