Rumors Suggest Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with Wireless Charging

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Wireless Charging Coming to Galaxy Devices

Nowadays everywhere there are hot rumors about the most anticipated flagship smartphone “Samsung Galaxy S6”. In a previous rumor, it suggested that there will be two variants, Samsung Galaxy S6, and S6 Edge. The S6 Edge would have three-sided display according to the rumor. Also, the both variants will pack a premium metal body which is highly expected to have a premium material based flagship from Samsung. Every time we have a controversy against a highly anticipated flagship. Sometimes the leaked reports or rumors go on the real side and sometimes it stays unconfirmed.

Wireless Charging Coming to Galaxy Devices (3)

According to a new source, the upcoming Galaxy S6 will come with built-in wireless charging capability. This sounds awesome charging your device wirelessly without any worry. Well, the features are all the way good, but here we have an issue with magnetic induction. The magnetic induction cannot work with the metal body of the flagship smartphone. This goes impossible and dangerous too.

Now the users have been in some sort of confusion like, if the device comes with wireless charging capability so how it is possible to have a metal back panel. This concludes that if the device came with wireless charging feature so there will be no metal back panel at all. It will be the same poly carbonate material used by Samsung in other devices. Another source suggests that, the device back panel might have made of plastic or glass to allow the wireless charging technology.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is also expected to have a removable battery. But the device having wireless charging capability along with metal body can be only possible as the way did with HTC One M8, which is having all metal unibody with an external charger adapter.

Wireless Charging Coming to Galaxy Devices (2)

These stories are really doubtful, as it happens with every upcoming flagship. But who knows what will be the white-faced truth. We will be waiting for the March 1 Samsung Unpack Event at Barcelona.


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