How To Make Free Calls From PC Using Android Apps

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Now make free  calls from pc, Its All Free! Yes, you can make free calls from pc using Android Apps. Android is known as one of the best and strongest operating system. As we all know there are many apps on android such as Viber, Fring etc for making free calls but, these apps are not much successful because they have some voice clarity issues. But as I said there are plenty of apps on android which will enable you have free calls through PC.
This article will guide you to establish FREE calls using Android App on PC. Just follow these simple steps and you can start making free calls from your PC using Android app.

Things you need:-

  • Android Apps
  • Working Internet connection
  • Pc
  • Microphones


Downloading Apps

The very first step is to download an app on your android device. Though there are many such apps for calling free but as I discussed above about voice clarity problems which make such apps rating down. But there is an app which is known best for sound clarity! “CROWD CALL”
CROWD CALL enables you to make instant calls; you can also have group/conference calls with the people in your contact list.

You need other app; “BLUESTACKS CLOUD CONNECT”

What is .apk file?

Android application package file (APK) is the file format used to distribute and install application software and middleware onto Google’s Android operating system.
You need .apk file for the CROWD CALL app. You can get it from here!
After downloading .apk file you need to run it using CROWD CALL app.

Step-3: Checking Internet connection on your PC:-

Lastly you need to check whether you have proper working internet connection and if microphones are connected correctly in the right ports.
If you are done with above three steps then you are ready to make your first free call from PC using Android app.
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