How To Install CWM Recovery On Samsung Galaxy Note Edge All Models

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install cwm recovery on samsung galaxy note edge

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is a high-end flagship smartphone manufactured by Samsung. After Galaxy Note 3, Samsung released Galaxy Note 4 and Edge. The design of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge is somehow incredible as compared to current smartphone design. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has got much attention of market and users. The most interesting part of Galaxy Note Edge is the screen. You can have direct notifications and messages on the Edge area of screen which is wrapped over the right side of smartphone.

Now as we know, Android phone is not complete when it is not customized the way we want. Customizing an Android phone is now being habit of people. In this tutorial, we are going install ClockWorkMod CWM Recovery On Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. After installing CWM Recovery On Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, we will be able to install custom themes, ROMs, zip flashable files and much more. There are several models in Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, so in this tutorial we will cover all models. You will be able to install CWM on Samsung Galaxy Note Edge all models i.e. N915S, N9150, N915F etc. Please follow the below steps to install the recovery.


Before You Begin:

  1. Drivers must be installed on your PC, to support the device in download mode. If you haven’t installed it. Please go over here.
  2. Your device must be charged at least 60% percent to perform this action.
  3. You should have knowledge about Custom ROMs, recoveries, and other things. Maybe being for the first time you face error or can not be able to handle it.


*NOTE: Please check your model NO in Settings > About. Installing the wrong recovery file may lead to phone disable.

  1. CWM-Recovery- (N915S Model)
  2. CWM-Recovery- (N9150 Model)
  3. CWM-Recovery- (N915F Model)
  4. CWM-Recovery- (N915G Model)
  5. CWM-Recovery- (N915T Model)
  6. CWM-Recovery- (N915P Model)
  7. CWM-Recovery- (N915K Model)

Installing CWM Recovery On Samsung Galaxy Edge:

  1. First of all download Odin and the Recovery file for your model.
  2. Extract Odin. Open Odin app in PC.
  3. Restart your phone in Download mode, hold & press Volume Down + Home Button + Power Button at the same time, wait until phone reboots and you see a Warning! screen. Release all buttons now and press Volume Up button to continue into download mode.
  4. Now connect your phone to PC in download mode.
  5. You will see Added!!! message in the message box of Odin app in PC. This means your phone is connected properly and supported in Download mode by PC. If this message is not shown that means drivers are not properly installed on PC, try re-installing drivers again.
  6. Now click on PDA and choose the Recovery file where you downloaded it before, then click Start.
  7. You will see a success message shown in Odin and your phone will reboot.
  8. To go into recovery mode, hold & press Volume Up + Home Button + Power Button wait until phone reboots in recovery mode.
  9. Now enjoy Android customization.
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