How To Get Free Internet For Android Phone Using VPN

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How To Get Free Internet For Android

We’ve one amazing trick through which you’ll get free internet for android phone. I ensure after studying this informative article you’ll finish up using free internet for android device. Follow easy steps and get free internet for android.

Today I’ll be in each and every different mood and revealing one 100% working way of get free internet on android phone. Few years before everybody was using proxies to gain access to internet yet it’s no longer working. Just in case you remember everybody was using Airtel NOP – Internet On Phone services on couple of handsets 100% free. Many of these were the traditional ways now a days this methods are useless. Individuals are having to pay plenty of dollars monthly and yearly to obtain internet on the website mobiles or capsules. You will save vast amounts for this reason I declared this really will probably be a large factor for android customers. Task isn’t tough, follow steps concerning how to get free internet on android phone and revel in free internet.

Steps for Get Free Internet For Android Phone 

Firstly you must Download the Free Feat VPN For the Below links

For Android Version 2.x and 3.x.   Download

For Android Version 4.x.  Download

For Android (lollipop) 5.x or latter  Download

Create your own working Vpn config to .zip and keep in your sdcard.

Download Feat Vpn Config file for Free. 

Step 1 : Install the Downloaded Virtual private network in your Android mobile.

Step 2 : Tap on Tunnel.

step 2

Step 3 : You will notice a choice known as ADD. Click it.

step 3

Step 4 : After clicking Add button. Click LOAD button.


step 4

Step 5 : Now you can see some config files of the sdcard. Pick one .zip file that you simply produced or that you have.un named


step 5

Step 6 : Next Task Virtual private network has Some needs like pass.txt and etc.


step 6

Step 7 : When the finishing the needs of Task Virtual private network you’ll effectively attached to the internet.

step 7

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