How To Discover Your Deleted Photos On Android

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We all have at least once experienced that awful moment when we mistakenly deleted some important data from our smartphones, thinking that we’d never get back the needed files… However, if you surf Google Play attentively, you’ll come up with the DiskDigger – a free app that lets is recover the deleted precious files that we thought had disappeared from our device forever!
The thing to note is that the DiskDigger is available for rooted devices only. So if you’re a rooted Android device user who has recently deleted a file and thinks it has gone with no way back, the app arguably appears to be your best hope of a reprieve. The app is currently in a beta stage, but still does work its magic, recover recently deleted images with ease, and like any well-thought-of app, DiskDigger too maintains its user interface as minimalistic as possible, to make the app easy to navigate through for each and every user.
The DiskDigger uses various different techniques and methods to make your deleted file appear in your memory card again. However the app cannot do magic, and respectively, there is no guarantee that your mistakenly erased file will be restored. However according to the multiple sources claiming to have tested the app several times, DiskDigger works flawlessly and is one of the best functional apps of its type. 
Just after launching the app, the option of selecting from each partition of your device’s storage becomes available. You need to only pick the one containing the images you seek to restore before the accidental removal and tap Scan Device. The app will allow you to search down to the specific file type and the matching files will appear in the left hand side of the user interface in a corresponding window. So once you’ve discovered the file you’d been searching for, you’re even allowed to pick a desired location for recovering it, or e-mail it to the address of your choice via the Mail button included.
So if the problem described above is familiar for you (and we’re almost sure it is) go get your copy of DiskDigger  and you’ll never ever lose any important image or photo again.
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