How to Create An Android Application for Blog/Website Free

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Android is one of the most popular operating system for smart phones. The main reason behind android’s popularity is its efficiency, user-friendliness and a big android application market which contains almost 700000 android applications. The main power of android comes from android applications, without applications android is nothing. There are so many firms and online websites who are developing their android applications to drive a massive amount of

genuine traffic. Well if you are a blogger or website owner than having an android application is must in this competitive internet world. So, today we are sharing an android trick to create android application for blogs or website without programming. The best thing about this android app development tutorial is that you don’t need to invest a single penny to create an android application.

In this tutorial we are using a free android app creator, which can create an android application as well as QR code in 2 simple steps.

So, Here we go,

How To Create An Android Application:

1) First of all go to AppsGeyser website.

 2) You will see a form there, fill the form like this

  • In website URL field type your blog’s or website’s URL (i.e
  • In App name field- enter the name of android app.
  • In description field enter description of your android application.
  • In icon field check mark on default icon if you want to use the default icon for your android application else check mark on custom icon and upload any other icon of your choice.

3) Leave other fields as it is.

4) Click Refresh Preview icon under website url, to see your android application in action.

5) If everything looks fine, then click on Create Application to create android application.

6) Now you will see a signup form. Register using that signup form.

7) After registration, you will see a dashboard; from there you can get the download link to share your android application with your audience. 

How to publish an android application on Google Play?
We can share newly created android application directly to blog’s audience, as well as can publish it to Google play in $25.
To publish an android application on Google play, follow these instructions: 

1) First of all go to this link and signup as publisher.

2) Now download your android application from AppsGeyser. 
3) Now go to this link to create an android developer account. (Google charges $25 for it)
4) Create some screenshots of android application and upload them.
5) Fill all the required fields and publish application

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