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Helium Review

Helium, formerly referred to as Carbon before trademark disputes, probably using the Twitter application of the identical name, forced a reputation change, seemed as an very interesting application, promising application backup copies without rooting. However, Irreverent never really had a need to try it out until another primary Android device arrived to my existence. Since I actually do get one, I have to admit: Helium is amazing.

It is really an application backup and restore tool that actually works without root, using a backdoor Helium Review apkmethod with PC application backup copies. Establishing initially will need following instructions and hooking up to some PC managing a special application. Then, apps could be supported, either just their data or even the APK file too for compatible apps (some require Google Play downloads), after which restored from either local storage or from connected cloud storage. It’s all easy to use and incredibly seamless. Multiple products connected to the same Google account can share backup copies, too. This application does what it really states and will it well.

The app’s backdoor method all of this without rooting may be the one annoying factor about this: Helium won’t work following a restart until it’s blocked in a computer again, and also the initial setup steps repeated. This really is relatively painless, because the application describes exactly what the user must do by which configurations page, but it’s still a hassle. Granted, on unrooted products this can be a necessity. Rooted customers may use it with no problems, and that i recommend it over Titanium Backup for many customers. Helium is simply a lot more simple, though Titanium Backup has more complex options.


The application works perfectly acceptable for backing to the tool and towards the cloud, however the premium secret is essential to restore in the cloud. This isn’t naturally ‘necessary’ by itself and it is most likely easy to circumvent this by copying from Dropbox towards the Helium directory around the device, but it’s so much easier using the premium key. Too, rebuilding apps from various products is very easy with this particular. Wish to copy game progress in one device to a different? This is actually the trick, unless of course something goes completely wrong also it doesn’t work. Technology can invariably ruin.

For individuals who wish to make sure that their apps are supported or perhaps need to make game progress transfer wireless, this is actually the must-have application.

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