5 Applications You should have on your PC and Android Device

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10 Applications You should have on your PC and Android Device

Well as we know Android and Windows are the biggest players in Operating System market. Android is widely used as well as Windows is used 90% all around the world which is a  high market growth. Now as on these OSes we have alot of applications that make our work easily and perfectly to do. Some of applications are even useful for our daily life basis. Here is a list of applications which should be must on our PC as well as Android device too.

1. Opera
Opera internet browser is the most popular internet browser on mobile as well as PC, this is very fast while the internet connection is slow. It also boosts the browsing speed in PC also. The efficient browser also saves the pages when you want to see it offline. It is worth to have it both on PC and Android smartphone too.
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2. uTorrent
Well the Torrent sites are way popular for downloading rich content. They offers the best applications, games, movies etc and yet they are popular for their efforts. Now every one is downloading it on PC but some times PC is not near you can also download it on your Android smartphone too.
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3. AVG Antivirus
Having infections on PC and you clean it up via any Anti virus software. But AVG Antivirus gives you good protection to your PC, in same way it also gives you protection for your Android smartphone too in a new way. It scans your new downloaded apps and other content. Always automatically searching for theft. When your phone is far away from you, you can also wipe it out without any worries having AVG Antivirus. For more Antivirus softwares please visit: Free antivirus for Windows
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4. Dropbox
We have seen different type of cloud hosting services on the market like, Box, iCloud, Copy, Mega etc. But Dropbox gives a great user experience and saves your files without any worries. Just drag and drop your files from PC and upload it to Dropbox.
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5. VLC Media Player
The most popular and most userful media player on PC, VLC. It almost plays every type of Video + Audio file. Thats why it is used by millions of users. As we know VLC is useful so we can also install it on our Android smartphone too. 
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Well this was a short list of some useful applications. Also some great interesting articles are coming. For more free applications for Windows please visit: Free softwares for Windows

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